Do moving companies need an arbitration clause?

The definitive answer is yes, moving companies need arbitration clauses; the US Department Of Transportation stipulates that by Federal Law, every moving company must be signed up to an arbitration program if they are involved in interstate shipments of household goods.

The DOT instituted this law (49 CFR 375.211) to reduce pressure on the US civil court system which was already buckling before COVID and now has a backlog the length of the Grand Canyon. 

Brief makes things easy. With our streamlined Arbitration Program, you get the protection your moving company needs, faster.

It’s simple (100 percent online) and cheaper (no lawyer’s fees).

Our arbitration program ensures your moving company meets the DOT’s classification and requirements for a Household Movers Permit (HTR) so you remove the risk of heavy fines for non-compliance.

Arbitration is a legal requirement of the DOT

Arbitration programs are a legal requirement for all companies in the moving industry, whether you are new to the industry or if you are a longstanding fixture.  

The DOT introduced the rule to find an alternative to people filing lawsuits in Federal Court over damages and monetary disputes.

Judges are keenly aware of this requirement and will compel parties to the arbitration or dismiss the case outright if the option is not established with your customer leaving you and your business without any recourse whatsoever.  

Movers must have an arbitration clause in their agreements and are subject to arbitration under the Federal mandate.

Other requirements include prominently displaying your certificate at your office (even though in COVID, no one is likely to see it), and you must also provide it when entering into any new contracts for moving household goods.

More importantly, even if you are not an interstate truck mover, protecting yourself with an arbitration clause is a wise thing to do because it will save you time, money and all the frustration that comes with court hearings, discovery, depositions and the costs associated therewith.  

What if I don’t have an arbitration clause?

This is something you do not want to do. You and your interstate moving business could be slapped with a hefty fine if you attempt to move anything without an active arbitration clause or program in place.  

Arbitration protects your company and gives it the ability to discretely and quickly resolve disputes.

So where do I find an arbitration clause template?

You’re in the right place. Brief is the market leader in arbitration moving programs.

Brief’s Arbitration Program for moving companies fully complies with all Department of Transportation requirements, meaning that you can get back on the road and run your business confidently without distraction.

Brief protects your moving business with our cutting-edge online dispute resolution platform. We are 90 % Cheaper and 10 times faster than our competitors.

Our system is easy, you simply sign up and fill out the relevant forms, and you are good to go.

We will provide you with documentation to show that you are fully compliant with the law and that you are a member of an established, trusted and market-leading arbitration program for moving companies.

So what are you waiting for? Click to learn more and get started on your new journey with Brief. Sign up and get started and we’ll handle the rest.

Brief also offers you a free arbitration clause builder that you can use to build specific clauses for specific contracts.

If you ever need to file an arbitration hearing claim, you can simply log into your Brief account and quickly access its easy-to-use arbitration portal.  

What is the Arbitration Process?

Arbitration is a streamlined process that replaces the need to go to court.  

Using the right arbitration platform will save time and money and it will be much more efficient than a Federal Court proceeding.   

With Brief’s 100 percent online platform, you don’t even need to be there in person and you can upload your testimony and evidence from the comfort of your truck, office or home.

All you need to do is upload your claim and supporting evidence and get back on the road. 

Our neutral and impartial E-Judges will evaluate all the evidence presented by the parties and render a quick and fair decision that is binding.

You can resolve the disputes that arise including anything from property loss or damage or claims of breach of contract using the Brief portal. 

The arbitration process is swift and cost-effective and it is faster and cheaper than using the courts or traditional “brick and mortar” arbitration companies.

The arbitration decision is final and legally binding and can also be reduced to an enforceable judgment in the appropriate court.  

Protect your business by using Brief’s arbitration platform. 

With Brief you can put your mind at rest and focus back on the road.  

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or simply want us to talk you through what the process involves, give us a call on +12134443794 to speak to one of arbitration consultants today.

Our friendly consultants will be more than happy to set your mind at ease, obligation free.

Alternatively, drop us an email at [email protected] to book an appointment for a chat when it is convenient for you.

Brief is a market-leading online arbitration platform in the United States. Our 100 percent online alternative dispute resolution platform helps businesses protect their contracts and agreements through online arbitration. Follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for updates and news about online arbitration and more.

*Brief cannot and will not give legal advice on any matters, financial or not.

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